Sunday, March 10, 2013

Library Book Sale Finds

One of the reasons why we have so many children's books in our house is because I love to frequent yard sales and books sales in the search for a classic book that we don't have in our library yet.

Saturday, the girls and I ventured out to our local library book sale. I let Miss M. venture around the sea of books, while I went on my treasure hunt with Miss J in the baby Bjorn. There were rows and rows of boxes full of old books just waiting for a new place to call home.

By the numbers:
We picked 10 books total.
-9 hardcover books
-1 paperback
-Cost- $9.50!

A few highlights of the finds include:

The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden , and  Garth Williams . The edition we found was printed in 1960 in the USA and is in pretty great condition. Think I might keep this one on my bookshelf until we are ready to read it.

The Wild Baby Gets a Puppy- by Barbro Lindgren , Jack Prelutsky , and Eva Eriksson

Petey's Bedtime Story by Beverly Cleary. Well, we have been reading tons of Ramona books, but I never realized Beverly Cleary has picture books. We didn't get to this one today, but hoping to read through it soon.
A Pizza the Size of the Sun poem by Jack Prelutsky and drawings by James Stevenson. About a week ago Miss M found the book New Kid on the Block, and sat in the kitchen reading the poems aloud as I made dinner, which made finding this book so great.

Where do you like to find books for your library?

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  1. There is a great thrift shop over here that sells paperbacks for 25 cents and hardcovers for 50 cents. I try to buy as many books from there because they're so cheap! Because I have so many books, I'm trying not to buy so many anymore, so I usually just borrow from the library. Love the finds you gals made this weekend!


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