Sunday, April 14, 2013

30 Books of Kindness Day 14: Alexander's Outing

I am lucky enough to have a very dear Australian friend. One year, she gave my daughter several Pamela Allen books as a gift. We love and adore each and every book, but my favorite is Alexander's Outing, which is what we read tonight.

Alexander's Outing is the tale of an ornery little duck, Alexander, who does not stay as close to his mother and siblings as he should and ends up in trouble.

It all started when he left with his mother and siblings on an adventure through Sidney. Alexander's mother warns the ducks to, "Stay close, take care!" However, Alexander has his head in the clouds, so he didn't see the hole in the ground. The ducks make quite a din when they realize the plight of Alexander! Strangers in the park come by to see how they can help get Alexander out. Together, they figure out that by filling the hole with water the duck will float to the top.

My description of the book does not do justice to the purely delightful way Pamela Allen's words leap off the page and her pictures capture the attention of both young and old, alike. For us, we love how this books teaches kindness through helping others and teamwork. All things are possible when we work together.

While reading about this book online tonight I found:
  • This creative activity to do with the kid based on Alexander's Outing
  • Pamela Allen's website, where you can read about all her books.


  1. This reminded me to Ping the Duck, a book I loooooved when I was a kid!

    1. Yes! You are right. Another story about a dawdling duck. I will have to go and reread that one. ;-)


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