Tuesday, April 16, 2013

30 Books of Kindness Day 15: god bless the gargoyles

When I got home from work yesterday, I was careful to make sure the television was off. I made sure that my husband and I saved our conversations about the day until after both girls were fast asleep. The last thing I wanted was for either of them to see the harrowing images from the bombing at the Boston Marathon. My heart was filled with endless sadness.

Another senseless act taking more innocent lives.
Another event to tip toe around with my children.
Another moment seared into my memory where I stop to give thanks that everyone I know is ok.
Another moment seared into my memory where I stop to grieve with those I don't even know.

And when those moments happen, I like to read God Bless the Gargoyles by Dav Pilkey.Yes, the same Dav Pilkey that writes the Captain Underpants series of books my daughter L-O-V-E-S. But this book is very different from Captain Underpants.

When I was first given this book as a baby shower gift, I have to admit that I was initially turned off by the dark images on the cover. While the paintings were beautiful, did I really want to read such a melancholy story with my girls?

But what this story does is wraps its arms around you like a warm hug on cold rainy day.
It comforts you like that sad love song you listen to a thousand times when you are suffering a broken heart.
It teaches you more about kindness, love, understanding, fear, sadness, and grieving in one simple prayer than any lecture or self-help book could ever hope to convey.

God Bless the Gargoyles tells the story of how gargoyles were created out of love to protect churches but grew to be misunderstood and feared. The gargoyles become consumed by grief because of the hatred directed at them, but they are soon visited by angels that give them magical powers to comfort those in this world who feel hurt and pain. And while the gargoyles travel the earth to help those who feel alone or unwanted, they sing a song of hope. My favorite line from that poem is,

"god bless the hearts and the souls who are grieving
for those who have left, and for those who are leaving.
god bless each perishing body and mind,
god bless all creatures remaining behind. "

The paintings in this book, while dark, are captivating and beautiful. In fact, when I asked Miss M what she thought of the book, she simply said, "It is beautiful." I was amazed at how moved she was by the message in this book.

Regardless of what your religious background may be, this book is really a message of hope for those who feel left out, alone, or out of place. See if you can borrow it from your local library or pick up a used copy because it looks like it is out of print.


  1. Beautiful post today, Jenny. Thank you.

  2. So glad you reposted this since I did not know about it last year. Beautiful and timeless. Thank You!


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