Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30 Books of Kindness Day 2: Chrysanthemum

What's in a name? Well, to most of us, our names represent part of who we are as a person. Most teachers I know agonize over choosing names for their children because they have so many associations with names from past students. When I was little, I distinctly remember being about Miss M's age and freaking out when people called me Jennifer instead of Jenny. I would stamp my feet and state, "My NAAAAMEE is Jenny NOT Jennifeeeeeer," much to my mom's chagrin. 

I know that I spent an extraordinary amount of time and energy choosing the names for both my girls. I love their names. However, Miss M informed me two weeks ago that she would prefer if she could change her name to Marissa. No real reason. Just because. 

However, what would happen if she wanted to change her name because the kids at school were making fun of it? Which is how I choose book 2 in my series of 30 books of kindness.
Written and Illustrated by Kevin Henkes
Age Range: 4-8

What would you do if your first name had 13 letters in it? For one adorable little mouse, she finds that even though she was raised to be proud of her name, sometimes classmates can be mean. It this clever and adorable story, Chrysanthemum falls prey to a couple of mean classmates who make fun of her name. It isn't until their delightful music teacher, Mrs. Twinkle, stands up to those little mean girls, that Chrysanthemum is able to know for certain that her name is perfect.

Lesson- use kind words.

While doing research for this book, I came across:

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