Friday, April 5, 2013

30 Books of Kindness Day 5: One

For day five, we are going to start with One. That is One by Kathryn Otoshi, which was also recommended by a friend on Facebook.

I was so excited last week that UPS delivered One and a book called Boy + Bot by Ame Dykman for the Easter Bunny to deliver on Sunday morning. Since the Easter Bunny came, we have read both books at least twice a day.

One is the story about Blue. Blue is cool until Red gets hot. But, none of the other colors are brave enough to stand up to Red. That is until One comes along. With One leading the way, the colors soon learn that Every One counts.

This simple book is beautifully illustrated, and the simplicity of the message speaks to Miss M. She read it to our neighbor on Easter Sunday. She read it to little J. She read it to me. She read it to her dolls. If you want to talk to your kids about bulling, this is the book to use.

Check out the author's website:


  1. So cute! Love that she read it to her dolls.

  2. I loved it when she read this to me. She's such a strong little reader, and you can tell how much she loves books and liked the message in this one!

    1. I think she loved having you as an audience.


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