Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Happiness Project- A Post for the Mommies

Lately it seems like everywhere I turn, the moms I know are at the end of their ropes. Their commutes are long; their kids are sassy and rolling their eyes; their jobs are demanding; the loads of laundry are endless; and the dishes are piled up high in the sink.

This impossible feat of finding a balance between a career and family, for me, is a daily struggle. It is as much a challenge for me to physically mean my daily demands, without factoring in this inner struggle where I wonder who I am and what I really want to be when I grow up.

So I am left searching each day for the silver lining in each day- the moment of joy among the moments of frenzy.

When things get tough, I always turn to a book. That is what I do for my children. So, a week ago when I was wandering through the bookstore where I work, I happened upon this fabulous journal created by Gretchen Rubin. I bought the journal.

The thing that makes this journal so great is that there is a page for each day of the year and on each page there is a spot to write one sentence for that day for a period of five years. So each day, for the next five year, I can write one sentence. That is it. All I have to come up with is one moment of joy for each day, and that is something totally manageable. The daunting task of feeling compelled to write pages upon pages about each day is exactly why I have had so many failed attempts at journal writing. By only having to write that one sentence, I feel that I have accomplished savoring a sweet moment in our family's life. That sense of accomplishment helps to give me the energy to move forward and face another day.

What I found out after reading the back cover of the journal is that Gretchen Rubin has two best selling books- The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. (Obviously, I have spent far too much time reading children's books and young literature that I missed this fact.) So, there are now two new books on my to read list. The Happiness Project.

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