Saturday, September 28, 2013

Marietta Reads! - A Beautiful Saturday in the Park

The past several weeks I have been living in survival mode. The weekends have been solely used as a time to try and unearth myself from a mountainous pile of dirty clothing and somehow make the house clean enough to live in. Which, this is why today was so great. What a gorgeous day here in Metro-Atlanta! We went downtown to play at an awesome playground with some great friends first thing this morning. After lots of trips down the slide, we headed home. A short nap later, we drove over to Marietta Square to check out the Marietta Reads! annual kick-off event. This event provides a variety of literacy resources, a book fair, adorable book characters, and lots of fun activities for the kids. This is such a great event for families!

Here is just a glimpse of our afternoon...
The book fair is really heaps of boxes of books that are free! Yes, these are old, worn, well-loved books that have been donated so that they might find another reader.
My oldest is showing my little Miss J a couple of books we might just bring home.
An adorable Freshman at Marietta High read my little Miss J a book while I helped my oldest made a special bookmark.
Decorating bookmarks is serious work.
A Beautiful Saturday in Glover Park in Marietta Square.
So much to see and do!
My oldest LOVED the dancing.
The lovely "loot" my girls picked out from the free book fair.

We had fun reading through all the books we brought home today. I think my favorite out of the pile the girls brought home was Roald Dahl's The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me. (We actually did not have this Roald Dahl book.) There were lots of giggles tonight reading that book, mostly because my oldest was tickled she got to say the word Damn while reading about 10 different ways.

And I will leave you with the final line from that book because it is awesome:
"No book ever ends
When it’s full of your friends
The Giraffe and the Pelly and me."- Roald Dahl

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