Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To My Dearest Little Women- A Letter to My Daughters

 To My Dearest Little Women,

"Oh, the places you'll go!" "Oh, the THINKS you can Think!" My dear sweet girls, your lives are just getting started out, but please listen closely...

Remember what Shel Silverstein so magically wrote- Anything can be. 

My hope is that the two of you will build a better world than the one we live in today. Lately, I have been so overcome with all the sadness on the news. I am trying my hardest to protect you from the shootings, the violence, and the destruction by censoring what you see or hear on the TV. I know that someday I will no longer be able to protect you from all the bad news of the world, but at least for now, I can try to prepare you for what lies ahead with the books that line the shelves of our bookcases and are scattered all over our floors. My hope is that these books will nurture your minds the same way that books nurtured Matilda's mind.

When the moment comes that I can no longer protect you, I fear there will be terribly gruesome and horrible news that you will hear. And in those daunting moments when you cannot believe such horrible thing could ever happen, please think back on those nights we read the BFG by Roald Dahl.

You both may only be little girls right now, but Sophie was only a little girl when she found a way to rally the Queen and her nation to capture all those frightsome giants. Be like Sophie in this world and stand up to the giants, as frightful as it may be at times.

Study hard in school and read as much as you can, but always remember that your actions and choices will be what defines the person you will become. Make sure you use your abilities always for good- to help others, to help your community, and to help your world.

Making a meaningful life is hard. It takes a lot of hard work. And while most days will be filled with incredible happiness and joy, there will be days filled with unbearable sadness. When this happens to me, I always remember what Antoine de Saint-Exupery said in his book The Little Prince, "Tu sais...quand on est tellment triste on aime les couchers de soleil..." which translates into, "You see, one loves the sunset when one is so sad.” Find something that warms your heart and eases the sadness, and use that something to keep you going through those troubled times. Listen to your heart, because it will guide you in a way that your eyes and brain never could back towards happiness. 

Once you anchor your ship with your heart, try your hardest to keep good thoughts. Those thoughts will be the true measure of your beauty.

I hope that those good thoughts begin with fond memories of your childhood. While, I may fuss over your messy room or tell you to sit still at the dinner table, please know that I am doing my best to be a cheerful, patient, and loving parent. Frankly, I will not promise to be never be sick or tired, but I will never let being sick or tired prevent me from helping you in a time of need.  But, most importantly, I hope you look back and can say we had fun.

I may not always step in and tell you when you are heading in the wrong direction or are about to make a mistake, but know that I am always watching and waiting in the wings if you need me to catch you if you fall.

Embrace life to the fullest, even if it brings heartache. Head into the storm bravely, and always prepared for whatever may be thrown your way. It is at those moments that the wind will carry you across the sea to safety and you will find out what life is really all about.

My sweet Wild Things, I want life for you both to be a Wild Rumpus that brings incredible joy and takes you to the place where the Wild Things are or wherever it is you dream of going. And when you are ready to leave our house I will say...Please Don't Go...

As hard as it will be, I will let you go out and spread your wings. But, please always remember if you ever get lost, you can always go back to those children's books that guided you as you grew.

 And know matter how far you roam, you can always sail back to your home and supper will be waiting for you...and it will still be hot.


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  1. Jenny! This is beautiful. Your girls have an amazing mother.

    1. Thanks! You are too sweet. I think it is mostly, I am figuring out a way that I am able to connect with my kids- when I don't have the answers, there is an author that does.

  2. Oh, your post brought tears to my eyes. I have a daughter as well. I love the little clips that you used to create your post, but it's the Little Women ones that got me. I LOVE that book! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely post. Here's to our beautiful and strong daughters. Wishin you a Merry Christmas Jenny! :-)

    1. Somehow I missed this comment with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Thanks so much for reading Renee. Hope you had a great holiday.


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