Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Just A Wrinkle in Time

Happy New Year! This past year certainly had its highs and lows. I think the central theme was being busy. It is amazing how quickly time passes when you are an adult as compared to when you were a kid and the days seemed endless.

One of my favorite bookish memories from 2013 was reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle with my oldest daughter. This book was a favorite of mine as a child, and I love rereading books I haven't touched since childhood to see how differently I understand them as an adult.What is even more interesting is seeing the book through the eyes of my child.

While there were many parts of the book that went over my daughter's head, she was able to
blindly believe the story could take place, while I questioned the possibility of each adventure. Remembering what it feels like to believe is one of the reasons it is so important to read with your children. As Madeleine L'Engle wrote, "Believing takes practice." This is so true. It is very easy as an adult to read about a tesseract and totally dismiss the possibilities. However, a child just believes.

My favorite discussion I had with Miss M came when we read the part where Mrs. Whatsit was explaining the tesseract. As she explained the travel to the kids, she said, "You see, though we travel together, we travel alone." My daughter quickly interrupted me to let me know how completely ridiculous that statement seemed to her.  To her you are either with someone or you aren't. This is one quote where age is an advantage. How true a statement! How hard to accept as both a parent and child!

We had a long discussions about how even though I am always there for her, I cannot be there to help her deal with those three girls that are constantly telling her they aren't her friend. I can give advice. I can listen to her feelings. But, I cannot walk through her struggles for her....that is something she must do all on her own. She seemed to understand, but unfortunately, this is something she has to experience to understand.
I thought this was fitting to talk about since it is the first day of the year. While we can make resolutions to make changes in our lives and we can seek help to achieve those changes, ultimately, we are the only ones that can make that change. Whether it is losing weight, quitting smoking, fighting off depression and anxiety, all these battles must be fought from within, regardless of how much outside help received.

I also think that it is fitting that I explain why I love to post quotes from children's books on my blog. My freshman year of college, my roommate obsessively wrote down quotes. I am not sure if she realized how much I admired or noticed this habit, but it is something that has always stuck with me. When I transferred to a different school my sophomore year, she gave me a beautiful box filled with quotes related to all the fun times we had shared on scraps of paper. I saved that box and have it stored at my parents' house. I hope kids still do that today, but I am guessing they just text the quote to each other or write it on their Facebook wall? If I were a teacher, I would make handing writing notes a requirement of my class. 

I have so many posts in store this month! Including two reviews of books that we absolutely loved. I hope you join me this year on our reading adventures. May your new year be filled with many happy reads!


  1. I did love a Wrinkle in Time, but what sticks with me the most is my disappointment at finding out that mitochondria don't work that way at all - I thought I was learning something as I read! Yes, kids believe...

    What a beautiful idea to write down quotes from books! And how special to have such a special roommate.

    It's so true that while we can guide our children, ultimately the drive to do something or deal with an issue must come from within and they have to want to do it themselves.

    Happy New Year!

    1. I never noticed the mitochondria part. I am going to have to go back and reread that part.


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