Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Make Valentine's Day Sweeter with International Book Giving Day!

You may all be well aware that this Friday is Valentine's Day. As much as I love the idea of Valentine's day, I just spent over $5 on a card for my husband. (Seems really silly to invest in a simple card that will be discarded a week later when books don't cost much more than that amount.) This year I found a much better alternative to Valentine's day.   

Make Valentine's Day even sweeter by celebrating International Book Giving Day.

Give a book, and share the love of reading. Invite your friends! Spread the word. 

And if you do give a book, please post of picture of the book with the hashtag #giveabook.

The group of non-profits organizing this event have so many great suggestions on how to give a book: by giving a book to someone, donating a book, or leaving a book for someone to find. If you check out their website, they have some amazing book plates you can print out to give with the books you have chosen to share. They also share some amazing bookmarks and other cool images on their Facebook page.

I would love for you to share pictures of the books you give for International Book Giving Day on the Facebook Event I created.

This is how we will be celebrating International Book Giving Day in our home...

Each of my girls will be receiving a Valentine's Day theme book. 

And then we decided to add some books to my daughter's classroom at school. I have noticed that the books they have for the children to read during free time are VERY worn. And by very worn, I really mean they are hanging by a few pages and tape. My little one is in the 2 year old classroom, and as you may know, two year old kids can be a little rough with books.

We purchased two Eric Carle books to give the teachers.

And then, we went through our own library and found a bunch of books to donate. 

I can't wait to bring these in to school on Friday.

And Mary has some great ideas over at her blog for ways to celebrate and enjoy books with toddlers.

How will you be participating in International Book Giving Day?


  1. We will be taking books to our Pediatrician's office after noticing their selection of books was pretty limited. Perhaps the books that were there decided to go on another adventure away from the office. So we thought it was time to replenish their supply so other children can have adventures too. I have added your link to my posts related to International Book Giving Day. http://poetztree.blogspot.com/2014/02/5-ways-babies-learn-to-love-books-too.html?spref=fb

    1. Sounds great. I just added the link to my actual post Thanks for sharing.


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