Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day Fun- Almost Wordless Wednesday

Today was our second snow day, and my little southern belles are not used to be stuck inside all day. In an attempt to curb cabin fever, I made a plan for the day, which we subsequently ignored. My husband was not pleased at the kids in the kitchen part. I am not a very tidy baker, and I am sure you can imagine how tidy a toddler and seven year old can be baking. 

After we finished the baking, I made this adorable collage for Instagram.  But it is basically lying to say the actual act of baking with my kids is this tidy.

This is what baking with my kids really looks like...

For starters there was baking powder everywhere.

And we had to add a lot of flour to handle the sticky batter in order to use our Olivia cookie cutters.
(We got these adorable Olivia cookie cutters from this book and cookie cutter set I purchased: Chef Olivia Cookbook and Cookie Cutters Kit)


The original cinnamon glaze looked disgusting. We had no pastry brushes so we had to use a brush for basting meat. And what you don't see is that I actually cropped out the bottle of Tanqueray that my husband and I were using to make drinks. Blushing.)

And glazing is a messy event. Note- one of the Olivia's is already missing an ear and there is a missing "O."

We calmed down after a messy time in the kitchen by reading these two great books by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman:Bear Snores On (Classic Board Books) and Where Is Home, Little Pip?


Did you have a snow day?

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  1. I'm sure it was yummy in spite of the mess. We envy the snow!


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