Monday, March 17, 2014

To My Dear Little Duckie- Quotes From Children's Books for When Things Are Not Going Your Way

To My Dear Little Duckie,

I know you have felt rather unlucky! And, just the other day, I heard you say...
Yes, my dear. There will be days like that. EVEN in Australia and New Jersey and Georgia. In fact, we all have pretty crummy days sometimes. While things may be crummy, things could always, and I mean ALWAYS be worse. Just remember what the old man in the Desert of Drize once said:

This doesn't mean that your struggles are not struggles or your fears are not valid. They are. However, it is important to always try to keep things in perspective and try to keep things light.

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Sometimes, deadly serious situations require laughter or imagining the sunshine through the rain. It may seem like an endless winter, but spring, I promise, is on its way.

Because things will get better. Yes, my little Duckie, of that I am sure. Today may have been a difficult day, but please remember a bright tomorrow is knocking at the door.

And end every day being thankful for all that is good. Give thanks for your family, your home, and your friends. And please try to remember how lucky you are that you are....


  1. So true! And not just kids need to be reminded. :)

  2. Great post!
    All quotes you you posted i like most!
    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing post!

    I always like inspirational quotes.


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