Friday, May 23, 2014

The Book Worm Bookstore

My co-worker has been telling me for the longest time that I should head over to Powder Springs to check out the most amazing book store- The Book Worm. However, for some reason, I had it stuck in my head that Powder Springs was just too far to drive on the busy weekends when I have to rush around doing errands with my kids.

Now, after having visited The Book Worm twice, I am full of regret and remorse that I didn't listen to my co-worker sooner because I am in love with this adorable book store that sells new, used, and those rare and hard to find books.

My first trip to the book store was with my parents and little Miss J. She found the stools made the perfect chair to peruse her selection.
But, she found a much better spot to snuggle up with a good book- on my dad's lap. It was so incredibly heartwarming to catch my dad reading to my daughter, something he used to do all the time for us as children, but usually lets my mom do all the reading to the kids now.
We left with a pretty good haul on our first trip. We picked up some classics, some harder to find children's book selections, and some wonderful children's books I had never heard of before.

Today, I made my second trip, of what I intend to be many, to The Book Worm with my oldest daughter. Miss M, being home from school, worked hard today on chores while I worked from home. At the end of the day, I handed over some cold hard cash as payment for her work, and she gleefully spent on a ridiculous amount of Captain Underpants Books. My intention was that she would pick out some great children's literature titles for us to read together as her summer reading. (I was a little dismayed that she was choosing so many Captain Underpants books; however, I caught her this evening reading them to a couple neighborhood kids up in her little tree house. Seeing three kids on summer vacation giggling over a book made it completely worth while.)

What makes The Book Worm so absolutely enchanting, beyond the shelves of books, is the owner Susan. She is warm, inviting, and will have a perfectly selected book in your hands within minutes of meeting her. She helped me find some books today that I never would of thought to have picked up. It is truly refreshing to walk into a bookstore and have someone who is completely expert on all types of literature not only be able to answer your questions, but to also engage in intellectual conversation about those topics.

So, my Marietta readers in particular, I implore you to hop in your cars and spend an afternoon pursuing the shelves of The Book Worm. I promise you won't regret it.
Go and check them out:
The Book Worm Bookstore
4451 Marietta Street
Powder Springs, GA 30127
United States
Or follow them on Facebook, where they share all the amazing deals and sales they have at the store.


  1. What lovely comments. We already love Susan so it's great she has found a new admirer. Enjoy your books :-)

    1. We are enjoying our books. And, I look forward to many more books in the future from there.

  2. Just discovering your blog - love it! And that store looks amazing!

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