Monday, June 30, 2014

Creating a Space to Read

The other day, Jennifer Robinson from Growing Bookworms shared a post from a blog called Raising Great Readers with Great Books. She is doing a series of posts about raising summer readers. I particularly loved this post because it had to do with promoting summer reading by creating reading S.T.A.R.S., which stands for Space, Time, Access, and Rituals for summer reading. What a great concept. This post inspired me to share how we create space for reading in our home. 

In order for our home to not be taken over by babies and Barbie dolls, I created a space in each girls room specifically designated for reading. Each space is completely made from materials I had lying around the house, so the cost was next to nothing. 

Book Nook 1:

For Little Miss J, since she is only 2, I took an old down quilt and folded it up to make a big, fluffy mat. I then took a huge table cloth that I had purchased for her first birthday and cut it up to make covers for the down quilt mat and several throw pillows I had lying around. To decorate the corner and make it more inviting, I took old book jackets from several Dr. Seuss and put them in frames I had from Ikea. These frames are only a couple dollars, but I especially like them because they have plastic covers. The plastic covers are key for a toddler book nook. Finally, I put several baskets of books nearby for her to dig through to find the perfect book. I love this space because it is easy to toss on top of her bed if she needs more room for play, and since it is low to the floor, I don't have to worry about her hurting herself by jumping off of a seat.

Book Nook 2:

For Miss M's book nook, I started off by choosing an old TV stand we were going to sell from the attic to be the platform. I followed the same concept with Miss J's book nook by finding some an old mattress pad to make into the cushion and several pillows to cover. I then took an old duvet cover and cut it to make covers for all the cushions. I tucked it next to her book case so she has access to a lamp and her books. I finished the corner off with a hanging folder for storing extra books. The only snag I ran into with this one is the cushion was always sliding off the platform. To fix that, I added double sided tape used for areas rugs to the bottom of the cushion.

Book Spot #3

Outside! I encourage the girls to take blankets and books outside. Right now, we are fighting the summer mosquitoes, but I snapped this shot a month ago of my oldest curling up with Bad Kitty. Reading while listening to the birds chirping and the leaves rustling in the trees is incredibly relaxing, and it has a profound improving effect of my kids' moods. (If you look closely, you can see she is laughing.)

Book Spot #4

Living in the south, it would be sacrilege if we didn't do some front porch sittin'. This weekend we got donuts and then sat on the porch with a pile of books. I got to read the Sunday paper in peace while drinking copious amounts of coffee, and the girls go to rock in the sun before it became sweltering out.

Book Spot #5

This final spot is reserved for kids only. I am not invited to this book spot. This picture I snapped of my daughter teaching our neighbor how to read Captain Underpants books when they weren't looking. I was quite dismayed earlier that day when she spent her entire allowance at The Book Worm Bookstore in Powder Spring solely on Captain Underpants books. I was hoping to get her to pick out some classier titles, however she was dead set on "poopy" talk. I cannot complain, though, because she spent a couple hours in her playhouse reading with her friend. I got a solid, "MOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!" from her when I started signing Billy Don't Be A Hero, which Dav Pilkney references in those books. So, I had to leaver the two of them alone and keep a safe distance after that.

What kind of spots do you have for reading in your home?


  1. So cute those spaces. A cozy space and a ritual other than bedtime I really need to work on.

  2. Very cool! We turned a closet into a book nook, and the girls like to hide in there to look at books sometimes, but more often than not, they stick to their bunk beds, where they each have a little shelf on the wall of their own.

  3. What a fabulous idea, I especially like the way you used book jackets as pictures :)

  4. Great book nooks. I feature book nooks every week on my Facebook fan page so, this is fun to see.

    Coming by from the Kid Lit hop.


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