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Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, GA

Perfectly nestled next to a Starbucks coffee shop in Decatur, Ga is the most delightful independent children's book store. We have been to Little Shop of Stories on several occasions, and every time we go, I discover something new to love about this store. 

In May, my mom, my girls, and I make the trip to Decatur to hear a reading by Jane O'Connor from her latest Fancy Nancy book. My girls made sure to be super fancy to impress the amazing Jane O'Connor (author of the books) and Robin Preiss Glasser (the amazing illustrator of the books).
Here I am holding little Miss J before before hearing Jane O'Connor speak.
With their shades, hair bows, and frilly dresses, the girls were thrilled to see that they weren't the only ones that dressed for the occasion. The illustrator came appropriately dressed in a wedding gown, since the book being read was Fancy Nancy and the Wedding of the Century.

Jane O'Connor, author of the Fancy Nancy books introduces Robin Preiss Glasser, the illustrator.
My girls particularly love Fancy Nancy because the little sister in the books is named Jo. Little J found a Fancy Nancy book with a dog on the cover, and she was all set.
Little J holding her book, miniature Fancy Nancy doll, and some awesome swag from the event.
Recently, I visited this amazing bookstore to pick up tickets I won for the Decatur Book Festival Keynote Address. (I am beyond excited in a few short weeks I will get to hear the literary legend Joyce Carol Oates.)

Arriving to the bookstore without kids this time, I was able to linger and explore the store without having to chase after a two year old. My first stop was to the back of the store where most of the board books are tucked in an adorable little "house." I couldn't resist picking up one of the many selections of "BabyLit" the store carries. I choose the baby version of Jabberwocky for its bright colors and nonsense words. I have already had a request to pick up the BabyLit version of Jane Austin for a friend of mine the next time I am at the store.
BabyLit selection at Little Shop of Stories
What strikes me most about Little Shop of Stories is how every area of the store is set up in a way that invites you to explore the shelves. Big chunky puzzles and educational toys tastefully balance out the board book section of the store, providing supplements to books when shopping for a toddler.
So many amazing things to choose from at this delightful bookstore.
If I had all day, I certainly would have sat down and enjoyed some time reading under this delightfully painted tree.

Reading nook at Little Shop of Stories

But, by far and large, my favorite decorative aspect of the store is the tile they have near the bookshelves, which is actually pennies glued to the floor. How amazing is that? I don't know what was more amusing, seeing the pennies on the floor or watching other people react to seeing this unique and fascinating decorative touch.
Pennies make a great tile floor in the bookstore.
Before I left, I was lucky enough to spend some time talking to one of the store's owners, Diane. She graciously shared with me how a passion for reading led her leave a career and begin a new journey as a bookstore owner. She choose this cozy spot in Decatur because of the amazing support the Decatur community has for locally owned businesses, an amazing library system, and a community of businesses nearby creating foot traffic.

Diane also spent time helping me find books I wanted to purchase for my children. Given the complicated questions my daughter has been asking me about conflicts around the globe, I really would like to have a comprehensive atlas to help her figure out where things are happening in relation to us. Diane, not able to find the right book for me in the store, ordered several books to be delivered to the store so that I can choose the perfect book for my daughter. I have already received the call that the books are at the store, and I am planning my next visit to pick them up.

If you ever find yourself in Decatur, Georgia, make sure to stop into Little Shop of Stories and say hi to warm and inviting employees that make this such a magical place.



133A East Court Square
Decatur, Georgia 30030


(404) 373-6300

store hours:

Monday - Wednesday: 10-8
Thursday - Saturday: 10-9
Sunday: 12-8


Tuesdays at 11am
Thursdays at 7pm
Sundays at 3pm

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  1. Makes me wish my mother still lived in Georgia. I'd love to visit this store!


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