Sunday, October 19, 2014

Feed Your Child's Brain- Read Aloud

My children have an insatiable hunger for knowledge. As any parent of a small child will attest, the question, "Why?" is a central part of daily life. They do not accept anything for face value, and want to know more, always more. 

So here is the disclosure- I am a scientist by day, not a reading specialist, librarian, or teacher. As a researcher, I have a hunger for knowledge that I constantly feed, so nothing excites me more than hearing the question "Why?" from my kids. When "Why?" strikes, I use it as an excuse to research for the answers. The goal is always to help my kids make connections between what we read and the wide world that surrounds us. It is during those searches for answers, I fell in love with reading children's books because children's books always bring up discussions and questions I would have NEVER in a million years thought to ask my kids. Through our reading, we have ended up at the Michael Carlos Museum at Emory to see the mummies and at Tellus Science Museum to learn about rocks. Reading to my kids has become the springboard to not only feed their brains, but grow them into well-rounded, empathetic, thoughtful people.

And this is why I love Read Aloud's campaign for the month of October is Feed Your Child's Brain. Here are ten ways reading aloud feeds the child's brain.

1. Reading aloud brings up the opportunity to pop white corn on a cold winter night while reading before bed.
2. Reading aloud provides the opportunity to come up with delicious smoothies that Dr. Seuss's Pink Yink might drink.
3. Reading aloud provides the opportunity to dress up like your favorite children's book characters.
4. Reading aloud brings up the opportunity to go out into the woods to search for rocks or other things...
 and then bring them back to the house to view them under a microscope.

5. Reading aloud prompts us to read all about animals before a trip to the zoo.
6. Reading aloud provides the opportunity to engage in discussions about those awkward, personal topics that social graces tell us not to discuss in public. 
 7. Reading aloud offers a window to the wide world that waits outside when a child is too small to go out on her own.

8. Reading aloud encourages movement and motion, feeding the body, as well as the brain. 
9.Reading aloud offers moments of quiet and calm, after a busy day, to tell your little ones you love them, sharing a snuggle before bed.
10. But most importantly, reading aloud feeds the hunger for fun.


  1. I love these. Especially: "Reading aloud offers a window to the wide world that waits outside when a child is too small to go out on her own." I love it when my child recognizes something she sees in the real world because we have read about it. (The first instance was when she saw her first taxi, and knew it from Night Light).

    1. I love that your daughter made a connection with her first taxi! That is great! I recently gave a friend Stuart Little because they were going to visit Central Park, and she wanted her son to have a vision of Central Park before they got there.

  2. Love the idea of reading aloud before something like a trip to the zoo! I think it makes outings, and trips, more meaningful. Before we go on a trip, I try to go to the library for history or geology, or what-ever-applies books to take along for the car ride. Even though my kids are now teens, I've found that picture books are the easiest way for them to learn. I might read a short, youth biography of Sacagawea, but my kids won't. :) They will, however, read a picture book before they turn back to their novel/game/etc.

    1. Isn't it funny how even grown-ups are drawn to picture books? I often find myself draw to picture books about animals, instead of reading a text about them. What a great idea to keep them in the car for the ride there. I will have to do that next time.

  3. Fabulous list of 10 with photos to illustrate this reading campaign. I always enjoy reading about ways to encourage literacy for children. Your views are always spot on and relevant. Your blog button is permanently on my site too.


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