Saturday, March 21, 2015

Great Expectations

Something about March consumes my soul. The month has such great expectations that I cannot help but feel empty and void with desire to grow new roots.

March taunts my grand expectations for a lovely spring by chilling my bones with the last insults of winter.

In March, the commutes seem longer, the tasks harder, and the nights more restless, if that is even possible. March fills my soul with the dreams to go on grand new adventures and fill every last moment with business. However, somehow I find myself just staring out the window paralyzed by my great expectations.

And then there is that moment when I notice the bulbs that were planted in the fall have sprouted, and suddenly life doesn't seem so impossible after all.
My oldest struggles with the same great expectations, and I felt we needed to create a board of positive thoughts to combat the darkness that seems to always creep in at the bitter end of winter. It is essentially a Pinterest board in real life. My husband hung a cork board in our foyer specifically for this purpose. I searched books and the internet for inspirational quotes and mantras.

 My daughter and I filled the board with the phrases and words that most directly spoke to our hearts.

Such a simple process, but I guarantee I read these quotes more often than any I would "pin" to a board on Pinterest. Finding happiness most certainly can be found when one deliberately seeks out to find it.

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