Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sophie May and the Shoe Untying Fairy by Rosalind Bunn & Kathleen Howard with Pictures by Lydia Rupinski - A Review

A couple weeks ago, Miss M and I ventured to the Dahlonega Literary Festival. We attended a panel on writing children's books. After the panel, I had the pleasure of meeting Rosalind Bunn and was thrilled to find out that we live in the same county here in Georgia. What a small world!

It was exciting for my daughter and I to discover this author who is not only local but also an elementary school teacher at a nearby school. From reading the books she has written so far, I envision a great career ahead as a children's book author for Rosalind. Over the next two weeks, I will be sharing two more of her books. This first book I am sharing was Miss J's favorite out of the three books we received.

Sophie May and the Shoe Untying Fairy

Publication Date: August 20, 2011 
Authors: Rosalind Bunn and  Kathleen Howard 
  • Illustrator:  Lydia Rupinski
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: ARK Publishing, LLC; First edition (August 20, 2011)

About the Authors

Rosalind teaches at East Side Elementary in East Cobb.  She has three grown children and a new grandson.  Her new book, Whose Shadow Do I See?, will be released Fall 2015 illustrated by Mark Braught.  This book is being published by Deeds Publishing.  

Kathleen is a retired kindergarten teacher and lives in Woodstock, Georgia.  Kathleen also has three grown children and enjoys spending time with her two year old grandsons. 

About the Book

A fanciful story of Sophie May, who buys hi-top pink tennis shoes for school, but cannot tie them! The Shoe Untying Fairy plays with her laces, and gives Sophie May a rhyme to teach her how to tie those shoes! Follow her attempts as she masters this important skill, and goes on to teach a friend how to tie his shoes!

My Daughter's Review (Age 8)

I like the book because of the little rhyme, “One Loop, Two Floppy Ears, One More Loop, and Give Three Cheers!’’  Also, I like it because Sophie May learns how to tie her shoes, the Shoe Untying fairy unties one of her friends shoes, and Sophie teaches her friend how to tie his shoes. I also like how Sophie and the Shoe Untying Fairy have the same shoes. I like the pictures and the look of Sophie May and her shoes. Also I like how the Shoe Untying Fairy looks. That’s why I like Sophie May and the Shoe Untying Fairy.  

My Review

Some books fill a certain niche that helps a parent, educator, or caretaker teach a lesson with a joy and lightness that makes learning the task effortless. This book turns learning how to tie your shoes into a magical adventure. My toddler loves the colorful illustrations and listening to playful rhyming of the text even though she is quite a ways from tying her own shoes. My oldest daughter, even though she has been tying her own shoes for years, delighted in this book and even offered to write a review. This book would make a perfect addition to any Pre-K or Kindergarten class. The clever rhyme will have the children tying their own laces in no time.

 FTC Required Disclosures:
 *I received a review copies from the author free of charge. All opinions expressed in this review represent my honest opinions about the book. **This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. If you purchase the books through these links, I receive a small portion of the payment, which I use to support this blog. Thanks for your support!  


  1. I agree! i love the idea of finding joy in learning simple things. Thanks for sharing on KidLitbloghop this week!

  2. Yay! A book for learning to tie shoes!! My husband would love that. Some of the kids on his soccer team in Kindergarten could not tie their cleats and he charged them with learning for the next season. Thanks for sharing at the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

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  4. Impressive review from an eight year old. Please a eye on her, she reads like a budding future writer with vast potential.


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