Friday, February 12, 2016

This LIttle President- A Presidential Primer by Joan Holub and Daniel Roode

In celebration of President's Day weekend, I would like to share one of my favorite new publications by Joan Holub- This Little President: A Presidential Primer. So, if you are out shopping this weekend for sales, be sure to pick up this book at your local bookstore. (I know I received a 20% off coupon from Barnes and Noble in my email that is for this weekend. Just a thought.)

About the Book: 

Learn all about the US presidents with this fun and colorful board book perfect for leaders-in-training!

Leading our country.
Helping you and me.
Keeping all fifty states
safe, happy, and free.

Little presidents have a great big job. 
Can you guess which President had an affinity for Jelly Belly jelly beans?

My Review

In case you haven't heard or have been completely (and most likely blissfully) disconnected with society, there is a presidential election underway. I honestly feel like the campaigns for this election have been going on forever, and we have only just started the primary season. We try to avoid political talk in our family because my husband and I are pretty much on opposite sides of the political spectrum. My oldest has become aware of our inability to agree on political policy with curious amusement. The one great advantage to this, for her, is she gets to observe civil discourse in our home. This apparently something that is not very common in today's society.

For the most part, if you listen to the news, it is people debating whether President Obama is doing a good job, which can be confusing if kids overhear and it contradicts their lessons in school about the job of President. Enter this adorable book by Joan Holub. Once again, she takes a complex subject and makes it palatable for a small children. Daniel Roode does an excellent job taking that images of the previous Presidents from long ago, that to children of today may seem really strange looking, and make them relate-able but still accurate.

I also love how all the Presidents are listed in the back of the book. My daughter makes me read every name each time we read the book. Maybe she will learn them all by the time she reaches school? That would be awesome. I even learned something new reading the book. One of the pages has President Reagan holding a container of jelly beans. I was just a child when he was President, and so I researched why he would be holding this candy. Turns out he was a Jelly Belly addict. We had to eat a bowl of beans to celebrate his affinity for this confection.

Looking for more Presidential inspiration? I learned the President's as a child by watching the Animaniacs.

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