The Reader and Her Girls

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I am Jenny, mom to two delightful little girls, full-time working researcher, and lover of reading children's books. Scientist by day, professional reader by night, I delight in spending countless hours reading to my girls. It is during those times that I share the wonder and magic that is born between the pages of children's books. My little one is just getting started with her first board books, and my oldest impresses me everyday with how well she is reading on her own.

I love reading children's books and learning about different ways to encourage reading. I would love to hear about what you are reading with your children and any recommendations you might have for books to read. Email me at jenny dot houlroyd at gmail dot com.


  1. Jenny, I absolutely love you blog! It is the best I have seen. I wish I had even a smidge of your talent for designing and creating a blog. I am just a beginner blogger, but I aspire to create the wonderful content and visual appeal you have captured here. Truly amazing! BTW, I miss your little one and watching her development day by day. Your girls are wonderful little blessings and lucky to have you as their mommy! Respectfully, Mary Varville Rodriguez (former Primrose Infant Teacher)

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  4. It was so great to talk to you last night, Jenny! Thanks for all of the information.

    1. Great to talk to you as well! I also love the opportunity to talk about great children's books.


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